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Value and commercialization

There is a large gap between what medical companies communicate and what they need markets to grasp. Today’s industry must also consider the non-clinical perspectives of other stakeholders, including health plans, authorities, purchasing organizations, and tender committees, among others.

Value is what decision-makers want to see and understand. In an industry that launches a new patent every fifty minutes, it has become essential to demonstrate why buyers and authorities should pay for medical innovations at all.

We provide services to help companies and teams to demonstrate the value of medical products to market stakeholders during all stages: when initiating, consolidating or developing business.


Companies must understand both the risks and the benefits of each market and respond to the relevant decision-makers accordingly. Market Assessment is based on healthcare market structure and facts, with the goal of identifying whether or not market potential exists for a certain product and what commercial results can be expected in the short- and medium-term.

We address four key questions in this approach:

- What are the best initial markets for this product?

- Who will pay for this product?

- What is necessary to convince decision-makers?

- What results are expected in the short-medium term?


Our rapid execution is the allocation of a senior professional with strong commercial experience who is able to communicate value to both clinical and economic decision-makers. Based on our previous assignments, our rapid execution services have succeeded in supporting clients in several ways:

- Preparing and submitting reimbursement and funding applications

- Leading the process in participating in tender negotiations

- Bridge the knowledge/leadership gap during a recruitment process for a senior market access professional

- Organizing the consolidation of marketing, sales, health economics and reimbursement strategies

- Collecting healthcare market information for building strategies to approach clinical and economic decision-makers

- Training market-access professionals to increase their strategic role in organizations


Value dossiers represent the process of collecting evidence to generate sales, compiling all clinical and economic data about a certain medical technology.

The key aspect of the dossier process is to respond to key market questions such as “why should we pay for this medical product”? “What are the benefits for us?”.

Companies may invest considerable amounts of time responding to economic decision-makers with cost analyses and financial models that do not fully transmit the value of medical products. This is where value dossiers make a significant difference; supporting teams in positioning products as solutions to market needs, not as an upfront investment.


Value Apps are commercial tools that quantify the clinical and economic benefits of medical technologies through a decision-maker’s perspective. These tools combine the best available evidence with state-of-the-art interfaces to illustrate to buyers the benefits of purchasing your medical products.

We brings over sixteen years of commercial expertise designing tools that have increased sales, being intuitive and simple to use. In our experience, complex “economic models” end up never being used simply because sales teams don’t have the time to learn them.

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