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Marketing Strategy

As a start-up or SME, you have identified a need to review your entire marketing strategy to increase the results of your sales activities. Our experts are accustomed to the various marketing approaches in the field of healthcare. Because marketing today is as important as your technology inside your organization and because it needs to interact with the other departments of your company: R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Affairs / Reimbursement, Sales. it is only this way you will be able to obtain concrete and positive results.

The items on which we will be able to intervene:

- make a difference between direct vs. indirect marketing,

- define your marketing policy and marketing mix in correlation with your clients and the needs expressed - while taking into account the regulatory environment becoming more and more constrained in the healthcare field,

- take into consideration the evolution of your environment to focus on the added value of your products and at the same time develop your corporate image,

- look at the different approaches to the targeted markets,

- establish your marketing strategy that will highlight your new technologies and help convince your partners and investors.

Because marketing is closely linked with sales, our experts will assist you also to establish your sales strategy. You will thus be able to increase drastically the results of your teams and improve the image of your organization among clients, partners and investors.

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