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Operational Marketing

As a medical device manufacturer, you need to innovate with the regular launch of new solutions. These new products bring new technical solutions to your clients but one must know how to make these improvements attractive. But are technical aspects the only items you need to focus on? your sales force and distributors alike need to be supported with the supply of tools that will put forward their "savoir-faire". A necessary step towards your international sales expansion to maximize your turn-over.

With our methodology, we will assist you with:

- defining the relevance of the tools in place

- identify the needs of your internal teams for new tools

- helping you put together these operational marketing tools

- considering your online communication and associated tools (social networks) to build a striking image for your products

- aligning your tools with the needs of your internal and external clients

- maximizing your results

Our experts have been working for many years in the healthcare field and know the needs and what really works. We have a pragmatic approach and work by your side. Some companies will try to sell you 50-pages long reports, but this is not our approach. We help you put together these tools and have a unique approach that is field oriented for a large adoption by your teams of these tools.

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