STING – Stockholm Innovation & Growth organizes a « Go Global Medtech Program » for young Swedish companies.

STING 2016 MD101
This program is partly sponsored by European funding and by participating companies.
During the last session on May 18-19, I had the honor of being chosen to present the specifics of the French Health system and Market Access in the context of medical technologies, including E-Health. A UK consultant also did a very interesting presentation of the British system for reimbursement that allowed us to highlight the differences (list or no list) and the resemblances (Evidence Based Medicine is important everywhere) between these 2 major markets in Europe.
It was also a unique opportunity to exchange views very openly with Scandinavian companies and distributors, together with several young companies from other European countries and Eurasia. It was very mind-opening to view Europe's larger markets as seen from the North and North-East!

 Anne-Laure Bailly, MD PhD, for MD101